Route changes

Route change from Lyme Regis Golf Club to Charmouth

June 2022 - Since Major cliff falls back in 2001 this part of the walk had been shown as a 'diversion' in the expectation that the Path could be reinstated along the cliff top. However, the ongoing instability of the cliffs has meant that this has not been possible, and so the Path has been routed inland and across the golf course. In 2022 a route was established with the permission of the golf course which allows walkers to follow a stone surfaced waymarked route avoiding the A3052.

Once you have re-joined the road, turn right and follow the road uphill for 600yards /550 metres past the entrance to the Golf Club, until you reach a fingerpost pointing the route across the golf course. Follow the Path and white stones marking the route of the Trail across the golf course to the woods on the far side. This is an active Golf Course area and so please be mindful of golf course users and golf balls.

The new route of the Coast Path turns right at the fingerpost around 20 metres into the woods and follows a stone surfaced path through the woods and along the edge of the golf course. At the end of the woods continue along the Path, which now has a tall fence on the right-hand side. Continue along the path following the edge of the golf course and then following the hedge-line. When the path reaches a viewpoint on the cliff top, turn left at the fingerpost and follow the path downhill onto the Old Lyme Hill Track, which then joins into Old Lyme Hill Road.

The red line on the map below shows the route of the Trail whilst the blue line shows the old line of the Trail.