Our Cause

For people, for planet, for life.

The South West Coast Path provides health-giving happiness to millions of people every year, it connects hundreds of coastal communities, helps the region’s rural economy thrive and is one of our most precious wildlife corridors. It is a vehicle for change, that if supported, could help us repair the disconnect between us and our environment. Yet less than 1% of people who use the Path, give back to it - and the Path’s very existence is under serious threat.  

Increasingly severe storms, rising sea levels, coastal erosion and increased footfall are just some of the challenges we’re facing when it comes to looking after the Path. And the costs of doing so, continue to soar. Over the past five years, we’ve had to invest an extra £2 million to keep the Path in good condition, and yet the Path remains vulnerable. Climate change is already having visible effects on the world and if we don’t act now, untold damage to our region’s coastline is a future we’re all walking towards.  

If you love the South West Coast Path Path like we do please support it by making a donation, fundraising for us or becoming a member.  That way we can keep it amazing for you and future generations.