SWCP Passport

It's time to begin a journey of a lifetime with the Coast Path Passport!

We are so excited that the South West Coast Path Passport has finally arrived and can't wait to see the passport out on the Path! We are sure that it's going to be a hit with walkers, explorers, and everyone who loves the Path and wants to log their journey - whether it's a day trip or a week-long adventure or more.  

The Passport is a great opportunity to connect with some of our Way Makers who have kindly, and enthusiastically, agreed to be our initial stamping points along the 630-mile route. They are looking forward to warmly welcoming walkers as they stop to get their Coast Path Passport stamped. 

This summer will be a trial of the Passport scheme to make sure everything is running smoothly in time for our big 50th anniversary celebrations next year. We'll be asking for feedback from Passport holders, as well as our Way Makers at the end of the summer.

Why a Coast Path Passport?

Over the years we have been asked by our supporters for a way that they can record their journey along the Path and were inspired by the world-famous 'Camino de Santiago' pilgrim Trail in northern Spain which encourages pilgrims to collect stamps as they walk to Santiago de Compostela.

We hope that the South West Coast Path Passport will encourage people to venture further and explore all that the Path has to offer. By purchasing your Coast Path Passport you’ll be doing your bit to support us and have a unique record of your journey.

The Coast Path Passport can be purchased at our online shop HERE 

The Coast Path Passport costs £6.50 (£5.42 + VAT)

Alex Polizzi, The Hotel Inspector, supports the launch of the SWCP Passport


There are just over 100 stamping points along the 630-mile route. All stamping points are Way Makers - supporters of the South West Coast Path Association, who will help make your trip truly unforgettable.

A full list of all stamping points for each area of the Path is available by clicking on a stamp design. 

Please note: Check the Way Maker stamping point opening and closing times before arrival to ensure that it will be open when you arrive. Opening and closing times will vary and some may be seasonal. 

If you're a business along the Coast Path and you'd like to be involved as a Stamping Point, find out more when you join us as a Way Maker.


There are seven stamp designs reflecting the heritage, history or nature of the area it represents. Each stamp has been handcrafted by Marc Hoskin of Wild Work.