Business Mile Maker

Become a Business Mile Maker and give the amount it costs on average to ‘make’ one mile of the Trail per year - £1,500. Your Mile Maker journey will provide amazing team building and PR opportunities plus help you achieve your CSR goals.

Photo: Looe to Polperro by Donald Pelliccia

What ‘makes’ a Coast Path mile?

From vegetation management and surfacing, surveying and monitoring, to steps and way-marking, a lot goes into making each of the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path every year. The increasing impact of climate change means that costs to care for the Path are rising and the access to the coast that we often take for granted, is under threat. We are asking like-minded businesses to help us tackle these challenges head on and make the National Trail as amazing it can be for now and future generations.

Photo: working in partnership with the National Trust to install fingerposts

Why become a Mile Maker?

As a Mile Maker you become the guardian of one precious mile of the Coast Path for a year, but the impact of your generosity reaches far beyond that. You will be part of the huge, collective effort by individuals, charities, local government and the business community to ensure that our ever-more vulnerable National Trail remains a continuous, unbroken link to the unique coastal landscape which defines the South West’s identity. Remember that every mile has value – whether it supports the mental and physical wellbeing of local people, hosts a wildlife habitat, enables a business idea, fires up the imagination of a creative soul or connects a coastal community with their neighbours - Every Mile Matters.

This is more than just a mile of dirt, we are talking about improving lives and the planet...did you know?

  • 83% of Coast Path users feel more connected to nature 
  • 79% feel more positive after walking on the Coast Path 
  • 62% feel inspired to be more active

Hear from those whose lives have been changed by the Coast Path here

Photo: Our Explorers rubbing trail at Wembury by Vickie Moss Photography

As a Mile Maker you will receive: 

  • A locally handmade, official South West Coast Path National Trail oak sign to display in your workplace inscribed with ‘South West Coast Path, Mile Maker 2024/25’
  • A Mile Maker certificate to display in your workplace
  • A thank you letter from Chairman of the Board of the South West Coast Path Association
  • A mention in any relevant press releases

Photo: image for illustation purposes only

How you make up the £1,500 is up to you!

  • It could be a corporate donation, fundraised through an employee challenge on the Coast Path, or even generated by collecting a proportion of the sales of a nominated product.
  • However you choose to make your £1,500 contribution over a 12 month period, we will be delighted to welcome you as a Mile Maker at any point in the year.


Photo: staff Coast Path challenge at Whitsand Bay

Ready to get started?

Donate now if you are ready to pay for your mile today or contact our Fundraising Manager on [email protected] to discuss any of these opportunities further.