Gifts in Wills

Help us to create a resilient, sustainable and accessible Trail today, tomorrow and forever.

The future of the South West Coast Path may depend on it

Thanks to the generous support we already receive, the South West Coast Path Association is committed to working with others who live, visit and work along the Trail every day, to keep the way open to beautiful coastal places, even with all the challenges that we face now and into the next decades.

Gifts in Wills provide vital funding for our work. After providing for your loved ones, please consider the Association in your Will and trust that we will use any amount large and small, to champion and protect this unique 630-mile route for years to come. 

“I always find it very humbling when we receive a gift from those that have kindly thought about us in their Wills. Gifts like this make a huge difference to our ability to care for the Path, they significantly increase the range and scope of work we can do.

From helping with drainage repairs and replacing bridges, to engaging young people to get out on the Path, each one plays a valuable role.”   

 Ken Carter, former Chair, South West Coast Path Association  

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Legacy Gifts are Making a Huge Difference Already...

Thanks to the incredible generosity of supporters like you, the South West Coast Path Association has been able to leverage hundreds of thousands of pounds of additional funding, to support infrastructure projects along the Path, to build capacity within the Charity to make an even bigger difference, and to build outreach programmes which have engaged people from all walks of life, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

From installing signage and steps to developing digital platforms like the one you're looking at right now, legacies have ensured that the Charity's work has made a real difference to the millions of people who walk the South West Coast Path each year.


What Could My Legacy Achieve?

£100 could help to purchase ten wooden steps for local rangers to install

£500 could help to replace a stile with an accessible gate so more people can enjoy the Path

£1,000 could enable four youth groups to take part in activities for a day on the Coast Path

£5,000 could help to create a better Path surface where there are linking footpaths to the Coast Path helping to reduce erosion and pressure in delicate habitats

£10,000 could help to replace about 60 fingerposts, along wilder parts of the Path

£20,000 could fund resilience research into the best way to manage the Path in the future

£100,000 could lever in hundreds of thousands of additional £’s from funders and partners as match funding for numerous improvement projects around the Path


A BIG Thank You...

Although we know it isn't always possible, we always aim to say 'thank you' to each of our legators personally, for the gift that you pledge to the Association, on behalf of everyone who will benefit from your generosity. If you would like to let us know about your pledge, you can get in touch with our Impact Fundraiser, or you can fill in our short online form which is available here

Being a relatively small Charity, it's also important that your gift makes the best possible difference, but we hope in a way that you would be pleased with. That's why we always aim to get to know you and your relationship with our cause.

If you do choose to reach out to us, we can thank you appropriately and ensure we don’t write to you asking you to consider a legacy in the future. We may contact you to hear what inspired you to leave a gift – as sharing what inspired you may help us to inspire others, meaning your support could make an even bigger impact.


Reach Out to Us

For further information, or to discuss your gift in confidence, please reach out to Will in our Fundraising Team, by calling 07916 161573 or by emailing [email protected]