Climate Change Trail

As part of an Interreg France (Channel) England project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund to support cooperation across borders, we’ve been working with partners in the UK and France to help create a new ‘virtual trail’ at Slapton Sands in South Devon.  

Aptly named The Climate Change Trail, the route uses digital technologies such as augmented reality, along with audio and imagery to demonstrate the changes to this stretch of coastline, brought on by climate change.

The trail aims to increase awareness about the damaging effects of climate change, and encourage visitors to consider the potential impact it is having on coastal communities, and important landscapes like the South West Coast Path National Trail, and the Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve. 

The trail includes four key location points between Torcross and Strete Gate that bring to life key topics such as increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity and extreme weather. Through the magic of technology, visitors are able to transport themselves into the future to see current predictions play out right before their eyes. In addition to this, visitors can learn about the current species of birds, along those that are likely to call the landscape home as it changes over time.  

How to get the Climate Change Trail app

The best way to experience The Climate Change Trail is to download the app onto your phone or tablet and head down to Slapton Sands. The app visualises four points from Torcross to through to Streegate giving an insight into climate change impacts and the changing coastline. By helping you peer into the future, we hope to raise understanding of the threats to our coast and coastal communities from increasing strength and frequency of storms. The South West Coast Path is one of the worlds great trails, but we're also like the canary in the coal mine - showing the impacts of climate change now. Hopefully we can use the app to help raise support for our work in protecting and improving the Coast Path. Slapton National Nature Reserve is just one small part of the National Trail being threatened by climate change. The 630 mile long trail traverses the coast of four counties, Exmoor National Park and several Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Download the iOS Version

Download the Android version

If you can't get to Slapton right now you can also view a desktop version

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Working in partnership

The partners on this project include Exeter University and Bournemouth University, working in liaison with the Field Studies Council (FSC) and Slapton Line Partnership. We are hoping to open the Trail late 2021/early 2022.