Path improvements

Money raised by the Association from individuals and local businesses has resulted in hundreds of improvement projects being carried out all around the Path, and a selection of these are shown below.

Where possible we use donations as ‘match’ funding so that every pound we receive goes that much further. For example, the money raised during the South Hams appeal proved to be vital in securing a large grant from the Coastal Communities Fund to repair the Coast Path in 35 locations where it was damaged by the severe storms of 2013 and 2014.

Looking forward, storms, sea, wind and rain will continue to take their toll on the Coast Path and so repairs will be needed and there will be new opportunities to make it more enjoyable to walk, so our fundraising needs to continue. We hope you will help, by becoming a member or supporting us in other ways, so that together we can ensure the South West Coast Path continues to be one of the world’s greatest walks.  

A-Z project listing