Support Us

The South West Coast Path supports millions of people every year by providing a place to relax, stay active, explore and connect with nature. It offers over £75 million of health & wellbeing benefits and acts as a natural corridor sustaining a rich and diverse mix of flora, fauna and wildlife.

However, the growing threat of climate change, coastal erosion and increased footfall means maintaining the Trail is increasingly challenging. That’s why we are calling on all lovers of the Coast Path to show their support by giving back. There are lots of ways you can make a difference, click the links below to find out more.

Support the Trail as an individual

We have a long history of working alongside the tourism & hospitality industry to help protect and improve the Coast Path. Whether you’re offering accommodation, walking holidays, food & drink or activities along the coast, we have lots of exciting ways for you to promote your business and help support our work looking after the trail. We also have opportunities for retailers, event organisers and many other businesses to reach our growing audience by supporting the trail. Click the links below to find out more or get in touch to speak to a member of the team.

Support the Trail as a business 

Five reasons to Support the Trail

1. The feel-good factor

The South West Coast Path brings health-giving happiness to millions of people every year and your support will help it continue to do just that. Research also shows that giving back to charity can actually trigger the pleasure areas of our brain, so it really is better to give than to receive!

2. Reinforce your personal values

 Each and every one of us have what is called a social conscience and supporting causes you believe in can help you feel that you are making a difference where it truly matters. As a charity, our work is based on three key areas:

  • protecting and conserving the environment
  • championing and supporting people’s health & well-being and
  • safeguarding and nurturing a sustainable economy in the south west

3. We make your money go further

We’ve been looking after the South West Coast Path since 1973 and in that time, we’ve built up a network of partners across the region who help us make your money go further. For example, if you choose to donate £10 for a wooden step, we can work with our partners to cover the extra £15 cost it takes to install it – instantly turning your £10 into a £25 improvement on the ground.

4. Set an example

Children and young people have a natural affinity with the South West Coast Path and it’s where memories are made that last a lifetime. By sharing your experience of supporting the charity, you can instil important values in them from a young age and help them to truly appreciate the natural environment around them.

5. Be an inspiration to others

The South West Coast Path connects people in so many ways; friends, colleagues, families, lovers and even strangers find common ground on this amazing Trail. Equally, charitable giving can create amazing bonds between people, so don’t be afraid to tell your nearest and dearest about your charitable giving efforts. It may inspire them to give to a cause important to them or even contribute in some way to what you’re doing.