Distance calculator

This South West Coast Path distance calculator is designed to help you plan your walk - just enter your start and finish point to find out the distance you will be walking. Most people walk between 1 and 4 miles an hour on the Coast Path. Much of the Coast Path is rugged terrain so you will take longer than you might expect. We recommend the slower the better so you can enjoy the views, ice-creams and pubs along the way. 

If you are walking the South West Coast Path in Dorset, please note that there are two alternative routes in the Weymouth area of Dorset - a coastal route through Weymouth and around the Isle of Portland, or a shorter inland ridgeway alternative. The distance calculator assumes that you are walking the coastal route. If you plan to follow the inland route you should deduct 19.25miles (31km) from the total shown. If you plan to walk through Weymouth but to omit the Isle of Portland loop, deduct 13.2miles (21.2km).

Distance between locations

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Interactive distance calculator

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* How did we calculate this?

Using data from Google, the distance between the start and finish point is measured, and height of is sampled at 255 intermediate points along the path, to calculate the total ascent and descent. These figures are then used to estimate how long it will take to walk, using an adapted version of ‘Naismith’s Rule’. This well-respected rule, devised in 1892 by Scottish mountaineer William W. Naismith produces a time estimate of allowing 1 hour for every 5 km (3.1 mile) walked, plus 1 hour for every 600 metres (2000 feet of ascent). However we have adapted this to reflect a generally slower walking pace along the Coast Path of 2.5 miles per hour plus 1 hour for every 500 metres climbed. This is purely walking time and doesn’t include any time for stops for refreshments or merely to enjoy the views, so you should allow extra time for these.