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When you give back to the Coast Path, your money helps in ways you could never imagine.

The South West Coast Path is so much more than just a trail. It’s a source of inspiration, a beacon of hope during difficult times and a place where people realise what they are truly capable of. Our cause is not dramatic, heart-tugging, or glamorous, but our work benefits the physical and mental well-being of hundreds of thousands of people each year, many of whom have life-changing experiences walking the Path. Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we are all experiencing isolation, loss, loneliness, uncertainty and stress - now more than ever before we need places like this. Help us care for the South West Coast Path, because #EveryMileMatters

Caroline's story

“The Coast Path helped me learn to walk again.”

In 2008, Caroline was in a devastating motor-bike accident. Not only did she lose her partner to the accident, she also lost her leg and part of her arm – changing her life forever. Despite everything, Caroline was determined to walk again and after seven years, defied the belief of her doctors and even herself when she walked the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path. This video tells her story of recovery on the Path… #EveryMileMatters

Chris's story

I felt so much lighter and ready to move on with my life”

Chris & his late wife Christiane together on the Path

In 2018, whilst undergoing intense treatment for cancer, my wife passed away very suddenly. Later that year as I continued to try to get my head around it all, I realised I needed to take some time away from everything, go on a journey and take some time for my heart and mind. So, on New Year's Eve, I decided that I was going to have a go at walking the South West Coast Path. I had no idea if I could walk the whole thing or what it was going to be like, but I made it through, and it was really the best thing I could have done. Arriving home, I felt so much lighter and ready to move on with my life – buoyed by successfully completing this amazing walk.” 

Read Chris's full story here

Daniela's story

 "The Coast Path inspired me to lose 10 stone.” 

“I was fascinated by the South West Coast Path. But walking more than a half mile was not possible at that time because I was extremely overweight, and hiking was not something I could do. The SWCP was always on my mind though and something told me that I was the only person standing in the way of letting this dream come true. So, I decided that I was going to walk the whole Path and began losing weight and getting fitter so I could do it. Slowly, but surely, I managed to lose 10 stone and on my 42nd birthday, set off to walk all 1,014 km with my husband Peter. I do not want to lie, it was tough for me, because I still had some extra pounds to carryBut I reached South Haven Point and was so happy, relieved and grateful for all the things that happened to me during the walk. 

Read Daniela's full story here

Dave's story

"The Coast Path truly lifts my spirits."

Dave Pinkham from Bishopsteignton in Devon is one of seven million home carers in the UK, and looks after his wife Marilyn who suffers from complex mental health issues. For Dave, getting out on the South West Coast Path is not only a chance for some much needed respite, it has also given him a way of giving back to two causes that are most important to him: the South West Coast Path Association and Kingscare League of Friends who have provided invaluable support to both him and his wife over the past 3 years.

“I’m enjoying fundraising for the South West Coast Path Association because I know I’m helping to keep the Path open, accessible and free for others to enjoy for generations to come. This is on top of the pleasure, sense of wellbeing and the physical benefits that I myself experience from it. I feel really blessed that this Trail is available to me, so I would like to give something back. The warmth and willingness from people to help my cause has been amazing and very touching. It’s great to have the opportunity to give back to two organisations who, in different ways, have supported my wife and I through difficult times.”

Keith's story

"Teenagers might not articulate this but they certainly feel it."

Keith (pictured bringing up the rear) is a teacher from one of the school groups who takes part in the annual Dorset Walk.

“The secondary school students on the Malcolm Whales Foundation Dorset Walk (40 miles along the Jurassic Coast) have the run of a huge camping field, the chance to meet up with other schools and, most importantly, the freedom that being outside 24/7 offers. I would say this is one of the most educational and therefore valuable aspects of the Dorset Walk: experiencing that lift in the quality of life that being outside fundamentally brings. Teenagers might not articulate this but they certainly feel it. We all know that walking is a dying art, but you are carried along – not literally – by the challenge, by the mile long line of trekkers, by the sense of camaraderie, by the awareness that you are probably doing something more indefinably worthwhile than you’ve ever done before.”

If you have a story about how your life has benefitted from the South West Coast Path, you can get in touch with us here