Step up

Taking massive steps – to make each hill you climb better! Will you help us?


We have raised over £10,000 this year to buy the materials to install 1,000 wooden steps. And we will need another 1,000 next year too.

There are over 20,000 steps made of wood along the 630 miles of Coast Path that need to be maintained.

Why focus on steps? 

Wooden steps can last 15-20 years, but that still means over 1,000 need replacing every year!  


Steps make the hills easier for you to climb and descend and they reduce erosion through some of the most protected landscapes in the UK*. 

Including labour, it costs £25 to replace each step, but if you donate just £10 today we can buy the materials needed and our partners on the ground will donate the time to install it. Now that’s what we call great team work!   

£10 could replace one step     £50 could replace five steps 

£100 could replace 10 steps   £250 could replace 25 steps 

                £500 could replace 50 steps 

In total this appeal has raised over £10,000 already this year. And this has unlocked another £15,000 worth of labour from our partners, including the National Trust, Dorset Countryside Service, Devon County Council and Cornwall Council.  

“Every time I go out to survey the Path I know that some of the steps along my stretch will need replacing. And this year is no different. At least 20 steps need replacing and other volunteers tell me this is very similar where they are. This definitely adds up!"

Emily Stokes, Local path representative 


The rangers that replace all our steps work in some of the most difficult places to access along the coast. Every step requires hard work with hours taken to move materials to site, prepare the ground and install.  We want to make sure that we provide the best materials we can when they need to carry out this work. When the Association supplies oak and chestnut steps it means they won’t need to do it so often. If we continue to replace with these new 6-inch high hardwood boards, we will have improved the quality and overall access of the Path and cut down on rangers’ time and resources too. Please help us to replace the steps already identified this year. 

We will always need to replace wooden steps around the Path, on average 1,000 steps a year. If you would like to contribute to this ongoing work please donate below. 


*protected landscapes