Coast Path Connectors

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the South West Coast Path Association are launching an exciting new Coast Path Connectors project that aims to open up coastal walking to a range of new audiences. This project will help improve equity of access along the South West Coast Path by supporting local people in making the most of our amazing trail for their health and wellbeing, through a network of new volunteers.

These volunteers will be located around 5 hubs of the area (Cornwall, Plymouth, Torbay/SE Devon, North Devon, and Dorset) each of which will have an employed Project Officer who will co-ordinate in their local area. These areas have been highlighted as being areas of high need.

For information about the project, you can download a leaflet here.  A summary of 2023's key achievements can be downloaded here

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The new volunteers will act as walk leaders, walk buddies, points of contact and advocates for the Coast Path in their local communities, and will also show people the heritage and nature in their local area, with the goal of sparking an interest which will make people feel more confident about returning and engaging with nature on future visits. We will work with local community groups for identifying people who might benefit most.


Volunteer Community Rangers

Could you be one of our Coast Path Connector volunteers? Do you live in or near to one of our Coast Path Connectors hub areas? Are you interesting in helping encourage people to get out exploring the Coast Path? In exchange for your time volunteering, you will receive full training in walk leading and support with expenses and equipment. Further information on the types of volunteering that you could be involved with can be found here.

To find out more about what the volunteering experiences of our volunteers, read our June 2024 Volunteer week blog here.

For more details contact one of the area Project Officers (details on right) or complete our short application form here.

Contact [email protected] for general enquiries. 


Community Organisations

Do you work for or with a community or health-based organisation in or near one of our hub areas? We are looking to partner with organisations that work with people who would benefit from the health and wellbeing benefits of walking, building confidence and exploring the Coast Path.

For more information, contact one of the area Project Officers (details in right).

Or contact [email protected] for general enquiries. 

(Photo credits: D.Moore 2022)

This project has been possible with funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund and supported by additional funding, including grant funding from the John Coates Charitable Trust, Natural England and individual donations.

For the Plymouth hub, contact the Plymouth Project Officer Gemma by email on: [email protected]

For the West Cornwall hub, contact the Cornwall Project Officer Jack by email on: [email protected]

For the North Devon hub, contact the North Devon Project Officer Huw by email on: [email protected]

For the Dorset hub, contact the Dorset Project Officer Catherine by email on: [email protected] 

For the Torbay hub, contact Alex by email on: [email protected] 

Here is a quote from one of our North Devon walk participants which demonstrates the impacts of the project:

''The SWCPA CPC walks has been invaluable to me in so many ways.  Physically, walking with the group has enabled me to try to build up my strength after a cancer diagnosis meant chemotherapy treatment left me feeling weak and despondent. Psychologically, I've been able to push myself to get out and exercise (even in the depths of winter!). Finding that the walks are a gentle healing balm has been so uplifting, better than any medicine. There is no expectation to socialise, no pressure to mingle...these things just happen organically, in beautiful surroundings gently nurtured by nature. Knowing that safety is paramount and that  the walks are carefully considered and planned means that I can relax and enjoy being out in the elements..."in the moment"...such a precious gift to bestow...I'm very grateful."