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There’s so much to discover on a walk along the South West Coast Path. From the land forms shaped by time and tide to the abundant wildlife that thrives among the rock faces and sand dunes.

The geology you walk over varies greatly as you journey along our coastline, and this is the main reason we have such varied scenery along the path. As the rocks change, so does the way the land is farmed, the shape of the cliffs and harbours, and even the wildlife that lives on it.

Throughout history, humans have lived and worked by the sea and it’s been the first line of defence for our island nation. All this is evident in the many fascinating sites of archaeological, historical or religious importance you’ll find along the path.

The views, wildlife and heritage have inspired numerous artists and writers and it’s regularly used as the setting for films and TV shows.

To help you find out more about all these, we’ve written hundreds of walk descriptions that take you to beautiful places and tell the stories behind the landscape.  Start your journey of exploration by checking out our geology, heritage, wildlife and culture pages or use the Walk Finder (the magnifying glass at the top of every page) to discover a great walk near you.


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