Geology walks along the Exmoor and North Devon coast

Geology rocks

If you’re looking for a walk along the North Devon and Exmoor coast that takes you past fascinating geological features, you’ve come to the right place.

This rocks along this coastline are mainly Shales, Slates and Sandstones, laid down over several hundred million years when this area was part of a vast ocean basin. Sediments that were eroded from the adjacent land were deposited in the sea by rivers. Coarse sediments were laid down in deltas and shallows to eventually form sandstones, while fine particles were carried into deeper water to form mudstones and shales. Fossils of animals and plants characteristic of these different environments are found locally.

These rocks were later affected by intense heat and pressure, changing their character and distorting them into faults and folds and you canl see especially spectacular examples of folded rocks on the north coast around Hartland Quay.

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