Inspired to create

Generations of artists, craftspeople, writers and musicians have chosen to live near or visit the coast of South West England, its inspiration reflected in their work. Why not add an extra dimension to your Coast Path walk by tracking down some of them?

It's an opportunity to see and hear the coastal landscape through a different pair of eyes or ears, or even in a different era.

To find out more about some of the many writers and artists, who were inspired by this coast, try one of our selection of walks with literary, artistic, TV or film connections. You can find these by either using the Walk Finder (the magnifying glass at the top of the page) or by expanding the menu on the right.

Hopefully these will inspire you too, so when you're out don't forget to take a notepad, sketchpad or a camera to capture your memories.

For fans of Rosamunde Pilcher, we have a dedicated page of walks that incorporate some of the coastal landscapes featured in her novels or used in the TV and film adaptations of her work.