Alternative Routes

Crossing the River Camel at Rock and Padstow  (when ferry/water taxi options aren't available)

There is no recommended walking route around the Camel. Any route is over 12miles with sections on very busy roads. It is recommended to use another form of transport around the Camel.



 Public transport

Take the 11A Bus to Wadebridge (Molesworth Bridge) and change to the No.10 to Rock. See: for further details.


Follow the Camel Trail from Padstow to Wadebridge. On reaching Molesworth Street in Wadebridge a bridge crosses the river. From here, there are no public paths, and alternative means of transport such as bus or taxi are recommended.  The route is along the B3314 towards Port Isaac, and then along Rock Road into Rock which is approximately 7 miles. (There is a slightly shorter alternative via Dinham Creek).

N.B Bicycle hire is available with local businesses at Padstow and Wadebridge for this section of the Camel Trail and one-way options are possible.



Public transport

Take the No.10 bus to Wadebridge (Molesworth Bridge) and change to 11A to Padstow. See: for further details.


Do not walk up the estuary as there are no public paths and the estuary is tidal and dangerous.

The route follows Rock Road to the B3314 then following signs to Wadebridge (approximately 6miles). Or there is a shorter alternative via Porthilly Lane and Dinham In Wadebridge cross the Molesworth bridge and follow the Camel trail to Padstow (6 miles). 

N.B Bicycle hire is available with local businesses at Padstow and Wadebridge for this section of the Camel Trail and one-way options are possible.

Walking route around the Helford River (Helford to Helford passage)

 If the ferry is not operating, a 13 miles/21 kilometre walk around the Helford River is possible.

For this route, from Helford take the path up the hill to arrive at Penarvon Cove. Go round the back of the cove and turn inland up a track to a road. Turn right then left on a track to the permissive path along the atmospheric Frenchman’s Creek. At the end take the path on the right signed to Withan past Frenchman’s Pill Cottage, crossing a footbridge. Follow the path through the woods and aim for the far left corner of the field, taking the stile on the left. Follow the boundary on the left past Withan Farm, then head west over the fields to a lane. Here turn left to a crossroads, turning right here towards Mawgan. The lane joins a larger road; turn right past Gear then down and up into Mawgan-in-Meneage village. Turn right just after the church on the Path towards Gwarth-an-drea then left behind a bungalow to a road. Turn right and at the junction bear right and continue downhill to the bridge at Gweek. There is a shop and pub here. Take the road opposite the Gweek Inn and at Tolvan Cross turn right along a bridleway to a road junction. Go straight ahead, towards Porth Navas. After crossing the stream take the footpath on the left along the field edge to the road.

 Follow the road ahead to Nancenoy and Polwheveral. At the crossroads after Polwheveral turn right then after 140 yards/128 metres take the Path on the left along the field edge, then across the field corner to a road junction. Take the Porth Navas road opposite through the village to Trenarth Bridge, then turn right towards Falmouth. At the junction at Trebah turn right, then right again into Bar Road. At the end turn left on a footpath which leads to the Helford River, turning left to the Ferryboat Inn at Helford Passage, the landing place for the ferry from Helford.

Walking route between St Mawes and Place, via Gerrans.

This route is 9 miles/14 kilometres. 

Leaving the ferry point in St Mawes, turn left along the road. Approaching the castle, take the minor lane left, which leads to a footpath at the end. This becomes a scenic path alongside the Carrick Roads – the Fal Estuary. At the minor road go right, then bear left in front of the boatyard and then on a bank above the shore. This leads to the churchyard of St Just in Roseland, a beautiful spot. Pass the church and keep to the Path next to the shore. Follow the path as it bears right up the hill, signed St Just Lane, to emerge on a road. Turn left, ignoring the first footpath on the right, but take the second a little afterwards. Follow the path alongside field boundaries, first to the right, then to the left, then to the right again. Go down to the road at the end of the fourth field and turn right to the A3078 at Trethem Mill. Turn left and immediately right after the bridge, up some steps and through a small wood. Out of the wood, cross the field diagonally right (bearing 110°) then in the next field bear diagonally right again (bearing 140°), leaving it by a wooded track. Cross the stile at the top and bear diagonally right again (bearing 137°) to meet a hedge, which is followed to a road. Turn right on the road.

At the next junction, follow the road curving to the right past Polhendra Cottage, then turn left through the second gate. Descend towards the bottom of the hedge visible on the opposite side of the valley (bearing 123°). Cross the bridge and climb as close as possible with the hedge to the left. Cross the stone steps behind the gorse at the top and bear slightly left across the next two fields (bearing 125°) to emerge on a road. Turn right to arrive at Gerrans Church. At the church, fork left into Treloan Lane, keeping ahead past the buildings.  Go through the gate at the end of the lane, crossing an open field ahead into another enclosed track, which leads to Porth Farm. At the road turn right then go left at the sign indicating “Footpath to Place by Percuil River”. Follow this very scenic Path which leads to the ferry landing point, then on to Place itself.