Our Projects - Downas Cove Steps and Bridge

A five and a half metre wooden bridge across the stream at the remote and very pretty Downas Cove was becoming unsafe for users of the Coast Path. Thanks to funds raised by the South West Coast Path Association and from the Unlocking our Coastal Heritage project, it was identified to replace the bridge with a new six and a half metre Oak bridge and to replace one of the existing abutments with a new gabion basket which would match the other side. The original abutment was also starting to suffer from high water levels over the winter of 2012.

Unfortunately, all this good work was for nothing as the bridge at Downas Cove installed in 2013,  then got washed away again in 2014. This meant that it had to be repaired as a CCF project in 2015!

Project completion date
July 3, 2013
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