Our Projects - Downas Cove-bridge rebuilt

A major problem had been caused on the South West Coast Path at Downas Cove on the Lizard Peninsula, where the bridge has been swept aside by extreme storm surges and needed to be refixed to withstand future storms. This bridge was originally repaired as part of a previous project in 2013.

It was originally suggested that the bridge should be relocated and this would have necessitated the Path being rerouted, but the CORMAC Rangers have reviewed the proposed scheme and taken a closer look at the location for the bridge – there is a large area of bedrock in this vicinity and the engineer advised on a suitable location to avoid digging into this.

An assessment during the planning stage revealed that more works were required than originally estimated, which included additional structural work to dismantle, repair and re-assemble the original oak bridge and to re-set and install gabion baskets. The opportunity was taken to extend the bridge over the stream bank and the steps up the eastern slope of the valley leading from the bridge were recut.

Before the project was completed an extensive inland diversion route was needed to bypass the damaged bridge and watercourse crossing.

This work was funded thanks to the Coastal Communities Fund grant secured by the South West Coast Path Association.

Below: The bridge, before and after being repairing.

Downas Cove bridge  - before

Project completion date
Oct. 20, 2015
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Downas Cove bridge after work was completed

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