Our Projects - Upton Towans Waymarkers

The South West Coast Path at Upton Towans is a very popular area with locals and tourists alike. The dunes are open for public use, but it is important to make it clear to users the line of the South West Coast Path through the open access towans. Slate waymarkers have been used in a few areas near Upton Towans to delineate the coast path, so this project has been put together to continue the theme of using slate. The project has been split into 2 sections: Part 1 was carried out by a local stone carver, Peter Martin, who was commissioned to carry out the carving of slates used in nearby areas in the past. The same carver was chosen to continue this work because his previous work has been of a high standard; he has the correct tools for the job; and he can provide a consistent high standard result. Part 2 of the project was carried out by Cormac Contracting Ltd, who won the tender bidding process. The brief was to remove existing wooden waymarker posts and replace them with slates. In some locations there were no wooden waymarkers to remove. The installation involved using a mini digger to carry the slates to site from a trailer on the roadside; digging a large hole; putting in the slate; adding some concrete to hold the post in place; and finally filling in the hole with the material that was removed beforehand.

Project completion date
Aug. 31, 2013
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CP140 Upton Towans

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