Our Projects - Gwennap Head

The South West Coast Path climbs a slope on the west side of Gwennap Head. Due to water erosion, the lie of the land and ‘people pressure’ the route had become gulleyed. This project involved the provision of granite steps, drainage ditches, erosion repairs & path surface improvements. 25 granite steps, 6 new drainage channels (cut-offs) & 3 large stones for erosion control works were installed. The water cut-offs will reduce the damage to the surface, thus reducing maintenance costs and making it easier for walkers to enter and exit the valley. This is a remote location and the area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest so great care was taken to minimise the effects that the works had on the environment – mini tracked machinery was used to move the larger items onto site and the final positioning was carried out by hand. Assent had been given by Natural England based on the specifications, so they had to be closely adhered to.

Project completion date
March 27, 2013
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CP62 Gwennap Head

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