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In the area around Osmington due to the clay soils, in wet weather the Coast Path had become muddy and slippery, and so difficult to use.

Thanks to a generous donation from one of our members and funding from Natural England, Dorset Countryside (Dorset County Council) were able to undertake extensive works to improve the path. This included surfacing and installing new steps, as shown in the before and after pictures below. 

Recently I was walking east along the Coast Path, leaving the Eweleaze Farm fields towards the Osmington PGL camp. The path has been improved enormously here, and below the PGL Camp itself I came across some contractors hard at work enhancing the route along the fence line. Still further on, approaching Goggins Barrow, there was a young man from your staff hard at work replacing the steps. I complimented him on his work, and on the changes I had already traversed, but asked about the path in the woods I was about to enter. His reply of "Wait and see"  boded well, and then I came across a couple more of your staff working in the area, where new walkways have been added and old ones replaced to make crossing the boggy ground so much easier. My compliments to everyone concerned in planning and executing the work, and for finding the money to make the much needed changes. As a keen walker I am most appreciative not only of the work mentioned, but of the signposting of our Dorset public footpaths which makes navigation so much easier. Keep up the good work.’  - Feedback from a passing walker.

 Below: Before and after photos.

Osmington path improvements

Project completion date
March 31, 2017
Osmington path works

Project location