Our Projects - Revelstoke Drive gates

Funding from the SW Coast Path Association and a generous donation from the 2017 Salcombe Marathon has enabled the National Trust to replace all the gates along the Revelstoke Drive near Noss Mayo. Revelstoke Drive was built in the 1880s by the land-owner, Edward Baring, first Lord Revelstoke to take his visitors on spectacular rides around his estate, and remains a spectacular walk today (see here for a decription of the walk).

A highlight of the project was replacing the only stile on the carriageway (and the last stile on the Coast Path between Plymouth and Start Point) with a double gate. This stile was on the boundary of two farms and so it was essential that it remains stock proof, but the new double gate arrangement achieves this. As a result, people with off-road mobility scooters or push chairs can for the first time do the entire 4 mile long section of carriage drive from Ferry Woods car park to Stoke Camp. The new gates are made of oak and so as well as looking great, should last many years.

To follow on from this in the Association funded an additional 8 gates for use on some of the linking paths in the area.

Photos: The stile / gate before and after:

The stile on Revelstoke Drive

Project completion date
May 1, 2017
The new double gate on Revelstoke Drive

Project location