Our Projects - Bolberry Down Easy Access Path

Following a grant from the South West Coast Path Association in 2013 a surfaced access for all link was established by the National Trust at Bolberry Down, near Hope Cove in South Devon. This loop extended a tarmacked path by 400m with a bound gravel surface to create a circular surfaced section of path. The work was very well received, as Bolberry is one of the few level areas of coast in South Devon and so it lends itself to improvements for a range of site users to enjoy this beautiful section of coastline. Following the success of this project the National Trust approached the  Association to see if they could support further extending the surfaced access for all path onto Bolberry Down.

Our funding has enabled the National Trust to create a now continuous surfaced route of 1.2km for the public to enjoy. The path extension through this round of funding was a further 400m. The National Trust also received funding from the Veronica Awdry Charitable Trust which will enable them to install two new benches along the route for people to rest and enjoy the views.

The project was delayed due to the wet winter, so work started later than planned but it was worth waiting for the ground to dry out. This meant the contractors did not cause damage to the SSSI grasslands, and also enabled them to get the best finish on the path. We did have some trouble with larger stones working their way up to the top of the section of path that was surfaced in 2013, the contractor cleared these and is prepared to do the same on the extension should the same problem occur.

Work in progress on the path at Bolberry

We have had some fantastic feedback from members of the public enjoying the path; here is an extract from a recent email regarding the new surface:

‘This is just to say a very big Thank You to you and everyone concerned, for the renovation of the path on Bolberry Down.

I’m writing in a purely personal capacity on this occasion, as I go up there quite often with my husband who is totally blind, and I can’t tell you how helpful the improvements are to us.  Until now, once we reached the end of the tarmacked path and it became much narrower, we had to go “single file” in order to go forward, with me still guiding him but with an arm stretched out behind. You can probably imagine how awkward this is (and painful for the shoulder muscles !).  Now that we can walk side by side all the way - problem solved !  I was amazed to see how much clearance has been done, and how much better the path is.  It must have involved a tremendous amount of hard work, and we should like to thank everyone involved for a great achievement.’

Project completion date
May 15, 2016
The completed path at Bolberry Down

Project location