Our Projects - Westcombe Beach to Hoist Point improvements

The South West Coast Path up the steep hill from Westcombe Beach to Hoist Point had suffered from erosion, and was in need of major renovation to level out the surface and improve the drainage. Because of the steepness of the site, it was not possible to use any diggers or other machinery and so it all needed to be done by hand.

The project involved cutting back the edge of the path and installing a mix of cut-offs and steps to reduce the risk of future erosion and make it easier to walk.

Ongoing adjustments had to be made during the project as working conditions turned out to be difficult in a very unexpected way.  The ground was unusually dry and turned into a dustbowl as the contractors began working. This meant an adjustment to the drainage cut -off design.  It was decided to use a coastal grass seed mix to try to stabilize the ground and also help to blend in the works. The work undertaken has made an immense difference to the quality of the Path.

Funding for the project came from the Coastal Communities Fund grant awarded to the South West Coast Path Association in 2014.

Contractor: Adam Phillips of Gunnislake

Project completion date
Sept. 11, 2015
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