Our Projects - Studland Storm Damage Repairs and Improvements at Knoll and Middle Beaches

The South West Coast Path Association worked with the National Trust to repair 2 areas at these very popular beaches using the Coastal Communities Fund grant achieved by the Association in 2014.

The retaining wall in front of the Knoll Beach Visitor Centre and Café had been washed away in the storms in February 2014, and needed to be replaced to protect the platform used by thousands of people a year to access the facilities.

At Middle Beach, the storms destroyed and washed away the steps that gave access to the beach, and the land needed to be stabilised and drainage installed to control the run off added before the steps could be replaced. These steps are in a sensitive area of great landscape value, and the dune system needs to be protected from excessive footfall.

Contractors: Howard Fry Carpentry Ltd of Wareham and DWG Smith Limited of Swanage.

Project completion date
Feb. 1, 2015
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