Our Projects - Orcombe to Sandy Point

The Coastal Communities Fund grant awarded to the Association has been utilised in partnership with the National Trust to resolve issues caused by coastal erosion and wet summers threatening this very well used section of the Coast Path. At various locations between Orcombe Point and Sandy Bay it is proposed to relocate the Path inland through the neighbouring fields, parallel to the existing Path.

The fields are part of National Trust land farmed by tenants. As part of the new Tenants agreement – the proposals to relocate the path will be included once the actual line is determined. In some of the pinch points the Path relocation will entail cutting through hedge banks – which will then be replaced on the cliff edge side.

In places where the Path will not be relocated repairs will need to be resistant to erosion, the proposed solution is to infill with stone, and cover with soil and returf. Where the Path is relocated, the new route will be excavated, a geotechnical membrane will be installed and recovered, and this will help to create an easy access path between large holiday park and Exmouth. 

This project will have a clear economic benefit to the community in Exmouth by making the link far more accessible and thus encouraging people from the huge Devon Cliffs Park to use the Exmouth amenities (including the passenger ferry across the Exe which also then brings benefits to the various communities west of the Exe). 

The project was completed on the 17th July, just in time for the school holidays.

Contractor: Bridge Civil Engineering Ltd of Newton Abbot

Project completion date
July 17, 2015
Path at Orcombe

Project location