Our Projects - Westward Ho brass footprints

Thanks to funds raised by the South West Coast Path Association and from the Unlocking our Coastal Heritage project, the project is an innovative, unobtrusive, yet surprisingly conspicuous method to sign the Coast Path through the towns and villages in North Devon. In order to make navigating through the towns easy for walkers and to engage with visitors and make them aware of the coast path, we have installed novel brass footprints into the pedestrian walkways. The footprints have the National Trail acorn cast into the heel along with the name of the town on the ball of the footprint. As well as signing the route, the idea is to generate a closer link between the towns and the coastal path, and reminding ‘everyone’ that the trail is not just the rural areas with spectacular views and rugged terrain, but also the urban areas steeped in culture, heritage and history.

Project completion date
Oct. 31, 2013
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Westward Ho! footprints in place

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