Our Projects - Hendersick path realignment

This section of the South West Coast Path crosses a geological fault which has resulted in a number of slumps over many years. The South West Coast Path has been realigned in a minor way twice in the last 15 years. The very high rainfall over the winter of 2012-13 saturated the subsoil which resulted in a section of cliff approximately 200m undergoing a substantial landslip. This has left surface cracks within a few meters of the South West Coast Path. An inspection by Soils and Materials Engineer from Cormac on behalf of Cornwall Council recommended a realignment of the South West Coast Path. Thanks to funds raised by the South West Coast Path Association and from the Unlocking our Coastal Heritage project,the work was completed.

Project completion date
March 19, 2013
More information
Completed steps made from Cornish hardwood timber

Project location