Our Projects - Peveril Point, Dorset Discovery Point

Coastwatch, NCI Swanage and Sally Maltby, a Coastwatch member, wanted to form a small marine interpretation centre on the Jurassic Heritage Coast and Coastal Path at Peveril Point in Swanage. Fortunately Sally Maltby is a graphic designer and agreed to donate her professional fees. Other members of Coastwatch have been very forthcoming with images, advice and answers to various research questions. Swanage Town Council who own the buildings have agreed to maintain their upkeep and insurance of the buildings. Design and research of the boards was finished, and again we had valuable experience from various people for proof reading. There has been enthusiastic approval of the designs from many people. Messrs Heirographics of Wareham printed and installed the boards prior to the opening.

Project completion date
March 5, 2012
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Peverill Point Interpretation Panel

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