Our Projects - Carn Creagle

The South West Coast Path from Sennen Cove to Cape Cornwall in West Cornwall runs between Carn Creagle over rocky clitter which is very difficult to pass through. The project involved moving some of the rock clitter, building granite steps over the Carns and draining a muddy area. The path is now easily passable to all and has improved access from both sides. The main problem was access to the site which is remote and not possible to access with machinery. The contractors made a sled and all granite had to be manhandled over ½ a mile to the site. Thanks to funds raised by the South West Coast Path Association and from the Unlocking our Coastal Heritage project, this project was succesfully completed.

Project completion date
Oct. 16, 2013
More information
449 Steps completed on the Nanjulian side of Carn Creagle

Project location