Our Projects - Countisbury & Trentishoe

Countisbury Hill below Wind Hill This ½ mile stretch of the South West Coast Path is constantly under pressure from water running from the A39 above it. The water collects on the steep hill and is directed via culverts which in turn discharge water on to the steep bracken covered hill side above the footpath. The path was badly gullied and needed grading and levelling so that water runs from the path rather than down it. The path also benefited from a series of pipes under it to channel water under and away from the surface.

Thanks to funds raised by the South West Coast Path Association and from the Unlocking our Coastal Heritage project. this work has now been completed and the water from the road runs under the path through drainage. Trentishoe Common The stretch of path crossing Trentishoe Common suffered from gulling in a similar way to Countisbury. It was badly gullied out and large stones littered the surface making walking uncomfortable. The path needed grading and levelling so that the water runs from the sides rather than down its length. It needed water lets digging across to assist with this process. The path is now level and the drainage should help protect it from further erosion.

Project completion date
May 10, 2013
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