South West Coast Path Forum

We will be hosting the 2022 SWCP forum on Friday 10th June at 13:15. 

This free online event builds on the successful 2021 Forum and World Trails G7 Summit and is a great opportunity to find out more about Britain’s longest National Trail. We have a great group of experts covering different aspects of how we are making the 630-mile long Trail more sustainable so it can be enjoyed by future generations.



Clare Wallerstein: 

Producer of Cornwall Climate Care’s Cornwall’s Climate Stories a series of documentaries highlighting the impacts of climate change being felt across Cornwall, as well as the fantastic local businesses, researchers and community groups working hard to prepare us for the challenges coming our way.

Bryony Stokes:

Director of the documentary, Living on the Edge. The film is presented by passionate ultra runner Emma Hazeldine, who takes us on a journey around the Coast Path in Cornwall, visiting places that are already being impacted by climate change and highlighting a range of responses to the challenges that lie ahead.

Nicky Bailey:

South Devon AONB Community Project Officer. The Life on the Edge project is looking to restore habitat along the coastline to protect and bring back rare invertebrates. This multi partner project is led by the AONB working with Buglife, National Trust, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust and the South West Coast Path Association.

Lorna Sherriff:

South West Coast Path National Trail Officer, will be talking about recent projects around the National Trail to improve the route and the experience of walking this world class trail.


Carolyn Petersen:

Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, has been working with the charity for several years to help better understand the public health and wellbeing benefits for people using the Coast Path. She will present an overview of her latest research assessing the mental health benefits of walking the Coast Path.

Sarah Jellard: 

Director of Community Environment Education Therapy CIC, helps engage young people in the environment through coastal activities and has been working with the charity in North Devon.

Alex Turner:

South West Coast Path Project Officer, will present the charity’s work to address equity of access to the National Trail and improve accessibility along sections of the Coast Path.


Deanna Auker:

Celebration and Engagement Project Manager, will highlight Natural England’s plans to celebrate the creation of the England Coast Path with a series of events in 2023.

Aletha Mays:

South West Coast Path Head of Comms will preview the new SWCP Passport which is being launched this year and give an outline of our plans to celebrate the charity’s 50th anniversary in 2023.

Sarah Gunn:

South West Coast Path Business Engagement will present an update on the South West Coast Path Way Maker programme which is strengthening the links between businesses and the trail.

This online event is free but you will need to register to attend




2021 SWCP Forum

As part of our ‘Path to Recovery’ event series, on June 11th 2021 we hosted the South West Coast Path Forum to hear more from a panel of experts about Britain’s longest National Trail. We discussed the Path’s value in terms of health & wellbeing benefits, support to the local economy and its role in protecting and conserving nature.

You can catch up on the event by watching the video clips below.

Introduction to the 2021 SWCP Forum

Your Next Adventure Starts Here (short film) and an introduction and scene setting from Julian Gray, Director South West Coast Path Association

Environment stream

Hellen Dobby, Environement Agency talks about climate change impact, mitigation and action. Rebecca Burton, National Trust highlights the impartance of working in partnership to maximise the combined access and biodiversity benefits along ther coastal margin. Richard Walton, South West Coast Path National Trail Officer showcases significant capital works along the Coast Path through a £750k RDPE programme.

Equity of Access stream

Including Dr Anjana Khatwa, Trustee, AONB Association highlighting access and diversity issues. David Morris, Director, Centre for Citizenship and Community, University of Central Lancashire and Olivia Craig, SEO Devon Mind announce our partnership to help leaverage the mental health benefits of walking the Caost Path. Alex Turner, South West Coast Path Projects Officer showcases our equity of access pilot projects along the Coast Path

Sustainable economy stream

Alistair Handyside MBE, SW Tourism Alliance talks about the impacts of the pandemic on the SW tourism sector and visitor economy. Genevieve Hinchliff, Fundraising Manager, South West Coast Path Association highlights the charity's fundraising work to suppoprt the Coast Path.

Looking forward

The Forum shows there is significant interest in the issues raised including: climate change impacts and mitigation; equity of access including diversity, health & wellbeing and accessibility; and the economic benefits of trails… and their role in supporting recovery post-pandemic; and the role of trails in active travel – connecting communities and places.

Our challenge is to not lose momentum, but to keep the conversations and actions moving forward within the South West Coast Path Association, SWCP Trail Partnership, and also across our various networks and wider stakeholder groups. Specifically, we want to articulate our key environment and climate change actions at Cop 26 later this year. We also want to strengthen our partnerships in the equity of access space and encourage better dialogue with less represented groups. As the visitor economy reboots, we also need to improve engagement through expansion of the Way Maker programme.

We want to help ensure by the next Forum in 2022 we have progressed across all these themes, helping ensure the South West Coast Path deserves its title as one of the world’s great trails and maximises this role in helping address some of the challenges of our time.

South West Coast Path World Trails G7 Summit

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