Our Projects - Bucks Mill steps and signage

The views of Bideford Bay and beyond are spectacular from here. On a clear day you can get good views of Baggy Point, Exmoor, Lundy Island to the north, Clovelly & the headland, Gallantry Bower, to the west and Peppercombe/ Greencliffe to the east. "The Gut" or "Gutway"'s sandy inlet was created when the rock was blasted by gunpowder by Richard Cole, Lord of the Manor of Bucks Mill, in Elizabethan times when he was building the harbour. At low tide, the large boulders are the remains of what once was the "Old Quay". The effigy of Richard Cole lies in the north wall of All Hallows Church in Woolfardisworthy. The large rock promontory is "The Gor". Local Legend says that this rocky spit is the remains of a causeway built by the Devil to enable him to get to Lundy Island. When the stick of his Devon shovel broke, he abandoned the enterprise. The project replaced the old flight of steps with new ones, surface the section, upgraded way marking and signage and also cut back vegetation. Erosion had caused the existing South West Coast Path steps to become uneven ,slippy and almost unsafe. The project improved way marking and signage meaning that this section is now up to the standard it should be and will last some considerable time.

Project completion date
May 3, 2013
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CP72 Bucks Mill

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