Our Projects - Zennor Head & Tregerthen Cliff

Over the summer 2017 the Association part funded  the National Trust to move sections of the Coast Path slightly away from an eroding cliff at two locations – east of Zennor head and at Tregerthen Cliff. This will safeguard the route (if it had been lost to a cliff fall, it would require a substantial inland diversion). At the same time new  granite steps were installed on the Coast Path and a nearby link path to make them easier to walk and reduce erosion.

At nearby Tregerthen Cliff, another section of the Coast Path was moved inland by about 5 metres, and 4 additional granite steps installed.

The work was being undertaken by the National Trust with the South West Coast Path Association contributing 50% of the costs.

Project completion date
July 11, 2017
The path near Zennor Head

Project location