Our Projects - 100+ new Coast Path signs

The funding cuts in recent years means that the authorities that manage the Coast Path are under pressure to find savings, and one way they can do this is to use lower quality materials and standardised Coast Path signs. However, at the Association we consider that it is really important that signs include destinations and distance information and so as well as funding path improvements we are aiming to raise enough funds to donate at least 100 replacement oak signs this year.

The latest survey of the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path undertaken by our volunteer local reps  recorded over 1264 fingerposts and 1,967 waymark posts.

Whilst oak is longer lasting than treated softwood, allowing for occasional breakages and vandalism, on average they still need replacing every 15 years, and so to keep up, the rangers will need to renew around 200 sign posts each year.  This is on top of the 560 miles of Coast Path vegetation cutting needed each year, surface and storm damage repairs and of course also caring for the thousands of miles of other paths that link to the Coast Path.

To ensure walkers can easily find their way, and rangers can afford to install high quality signs, each year the Association is aiming to buy at least a hundred new oak signs to be installed wherever they are needed all around the Coast Path. Many of these will be going in places identified by our local reps during their annual survey of the Path. Here's a photo of a batch on their way to site, and one of the new posts installed. 

Delivery of new signs

Project completion date

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