Our Projects - Cogden - replacement boardwalks

At Cogden (behind Burton Mere at the start of Chesil Beach) in West Dorset, the boardwalks through a boggy area were coming to the end of their life. 

In September 2016, thanks to funding from the Association, National Trust rangers took delivery of a truckload of timber at Cogden beach and worked to move the whole lot to the work site. The next day, assisted by the local Burton Bradstock National Trust volunteer group, we removed the old dilapidated boardwalk and took it off site. As anticipated, sections of the old structure were in an advanced state of decay so the work was timely. The team then immediately began construction of the new boardwalk. Initially this involved laying wooden ‘floats’ on which to rest the new beams. Work continued the day after, assisted by the National Trust Golden Cap volunteer group. The non-slip treads were screwed down – we worked from both ends and the teams slowly progressed towards each other as, at the same time, chestnut stakes were driven in to the ground to secure the structure. The boardwalk was then almost complete and the last screws and finishing touches were put in a day or two later.

While the work was taking place, we were greeted by a great many appreciative walkers. The new non-slip treads in particular received several admiring glances and prompted many interested questions. As winter progresses other routes will become increasingly wet and the boardwalk path will really come into its own.

Photos: The boardwalks - before, during and after work was completed:

Project completion date
Sept. 30, 2016

Project location