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This path allows access from the South West Coast Path to Compass Cove, one of the three beaches within practical walking distance of Dartmouth.  It was significantly damaged by storms, with damage caused both by high wave action, and by water gushing down the steep slope.

The works involved the repair of steps that had been washed out and the realignment of the lower section of the path, which had been completely lost, with new steps installed on a new line agreed with the landowner.  An existing drainage system, which had proved inadequate, was also upgraded, to effectively catch water coming down the slope and divert it away from the steps.  The path had been closed for over a year, and therefore the route was brush-cut before further works could take place.

Vehicular access was only possible to the very top of the coastal slope, much higher than the path itself.  However, the local farmer provided use of his ‘mule’ to transport the materials and tools down to the top of the path, which saved a considerable amount of costly human labour.  The materials and tools had to be carried by hand down the path to the relevant locations.

As luck would have it, the proposed dates for undertaking the works fell towards the end of a lengthy dry period, which considerably aided the works, and made the work environment much safer as well. Devon County Council worked with the National Trust and commissioned the work from a small local company and the work was enabled by the Coastal Communities Fund grant achieved by the South West Coast Path Association.

Contractor:Landscape Construction and Design of Brixham

Project completion date
April 21, 2015
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