Our Projects - Mawnan Parish Church

The project includes a number of different tasks to combat the various problems that were picked up in a recent coast path survey: New stepping stones were proposed in 2 locations, both areas suffering from seasonal flooding which makes the path very muddy. Adding and improving the existing stepping stones has improved the condition of the surface that users walk across. Widening one particularly narrow eroded section of path, has allowed more space for users to avoid the cliff edge. New sets of granite steps have been put in 4 locations along the path. Previously the path was very steep and slippery in bad weather, but now the addition of granite steps in these hazardous areas has made passage easier and safer. One area of the path, about 40m long, suffered from erosion and degradation due to bad weather and root growth. The path was narrow and full of loose material on the seaward side. This stretch of path now has wooden revetment boards along the seaward side to stop erosion and to make passage safer and easier for the public.

Project completion date
June 20, 2012
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CP58 revetment work

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