Trailblazer Walk

Hundreds of Trailblazers and lovers of the Path came together during May and June to walk the South West Coast Path to celebrate 50 years of the Association

The epic relay walk started in Minehead on 12 May and South Haven Point on 27 May and finished at Royal William Yard, Plymouth on 15 June.

Minehead Start - 12 May

South Haven Point Start - 27 May

The final day of the Trailblazer Walk saw a spectacular celebration at Royal William Yard 

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the South West Coast Path Association, the Trailblazer Walk covered 630 miles and took 35 days of continuous walking by hundreds of volunteers, supporters, and partners, to reach the finish line at Royal William Yard on 15 June.

Walking 630 miles of the South West Coast Path, Britain’s longest National Trail, in a daily relay, was no easy feat, and completing the walk was an unexpectedly emotional moment. As the two walk teams who had started their trailblazing journey from Minehead (12 May) and South Haven Point (27 May) respectively, approached Royal William Yard, two tribes came together to the beat of drums led by Louise Parker and singing from Halfway Harmony in a display of unity and love for the South West Coast Path and the charity that has championed and protected this world-class trail for 50 years. 

Walkers paraded into the green with 100 silk flags to complete an incredible display of 500 ‘Beach of Dreams’ silk pennants by internationally-renowned arts organisation Kinetika. The experience for everyone involved was one of overwhelming triumph and happiness at what had been achieved and celebrated. It was a truly fitting and spectacular finale to commemorate the golden milestone of the South West Coast Path Association.