Route Changes

Plymouth - Sutton harbour lock gates

May 16th 2017: The pedestrian swing bridge over the lock gates across Sutton Harbour in Plymouth is closed for several months whilst repair work is undertaken. Whilst the bridge is being repaired walkers, a ferry service will be running across the harbour. Alternatively you can walk around the edge of the harbour (about 1 mile) following the route of the Sutton Harbour Heritage trail - click here for more details.

If you are missing out the section of Coast Path across the Plym at Laira Bridge by taking the ferry from the Barbican to Mountbatten, then you wil miss this diversion totally.

Pete Bromley, Harbour Master of Sutton Harbour, said: “We appreciate that the closure of the footbridge can be frustrating for people however we are working closely with the Environment Agency to resolve any problems.”

“Unfortunately, owing to the bespoke nature of the footbridge, this can be a time-consuming process and there can be no ‘quick fix’. The results from the recent testing are expected soon and this will give us a better understanding of the problems and the likely timescales for them to be rectified. It is difficult to estimate timescales for reopening; however, when the footbridge bearing was previously replaced, the footbridge was closed for six weeks.”

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Affected walks

The following walks may be affected by the route change:

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