Route Changes

Charmouth - path diversion due to landslip

Dorset: Charmouth to Stonebarrow

Movement of the coastal landslip to the east of Charmouth leading up to Stonebarrow Hill has led to the loss of a short section of the Coast Path. We are aware that most people are walking across the field immediately seaward of the landslip rather than walking the official diversion which is around 1.5 miles and shown on the map below as black dots. However as the landowner has not given permission for this, and we cannot recommend people use this route.

The Coast Path (pink line on map below) either side of the section that has slipped (red dots) has been kept open to allow people to enjoy the stunning views from the coastward facing slopes of Stonebarrow Hill.

Charmouth route change

Affected walks

The following walks may be affected by the route change:

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