Route changes

Ferrybridge: Short Diversion

April 2021: This updates information first published in October 2018.  An Order (as issued by Dorset Council) under Section 14 [1] of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended remains in place to temporarily close a short section of the Coast Path at Ferrybridge due to cliff erosion.  This is for a distance of approximately 900 metres between grid reference SY 658 767 and grid reference SY 666 762 (marked A to B in red on the map below).  This closure is needed due to the footpath being unstable and falling away towards the sea.

 A diversion is in place as marked using a blue line on map below.  At point A turn north east and walk for 590m along footpath S1/73 to point D (Grid Ref SY 663 770). Then head south east for 760m along footpath S1/75 and south along Portland Road for 115m to point C (Grid Ref SY 667 763). Then turn south west along Footpath S1/74 for 100m to point B (Grid Ref SY 666 762). The reverse route applies.