Route changes


October 2018: Dorset County Council has temporarily closed a short section of the Coast Path at Ferrybridge due to cliff erosion. This is for a distance of approximately 860 metres from grid reference SY 658 767 to grid reference SY 665 762 (marked red on the map below).  This closure is needed due to the footpath being unstable and falling away towards the sea.


An alternative route is in place (marked blue on the map below).  Head north east at grid ref. SY 658 767 and walk for 590m along Public Footpath S1/75 to grid ref. SY 663 77.  Then turn and head south east for 860m (Public Footpath S1/76 to grid ref. SY666 763). Then head east along Public s1/73 for 100m to grid ref SY 665 762. The reverse route also applies.

Affected walks

The following walks may be affected by the route change: