On the Path: Learning resources

To help you make the most of your trip to the Coast Path, and to explore all that it has to offer, we have developed some learning resources.

 Search the interactive map above for resources, maps, information, and activities to do along the South Devon coast path around Wembury, or scroll down for further resources for downloading and borrowing.

Downloadable resources

Coast Path Spotter sheets: suitable for any location 


Coast Path birds        Boats to spot        Coastal trees 

Based on our rubbings trail, we have TWO simple trails with cross-curriculum activities which can be used to discover the Coast Path, whilst visiting Wembury. These two trails have been developed with self-lead activities to be completed with your class or group which focus on Coast Path tales, wildlife, and map skills.

 The West trail is 1mile long with good links to KS1 curriculum:

The East trail is 1.5miles long and more suitable for KS2:

All the activities and subjects as identified on the trail, have activities to backup learning which can be completed back in the classroom. 

 This is a trial project and so your feedback is gratefully received, please contact: [email protected].

Resources to borrow

Our rucksack is free for schools and other groups to borrow and is brimming with resources and activities to support your exploration of the Coast Path around Wembury.  It is located at Wembury Marine Centre and can be reserved by emailing : [email protected]

In the rucksack you will find:

  • 5 x binoculars
  • 10 x Coast Path bird spotting guides
  • 10 x Coast Path boat spotting guides
  • FSC identification guides (birds, seaweed, shells, marine mammals)
  • 10 x maps of the Coast Path going East and West of Wembury
  • Laminated Rubbings trail booklets
  • Teachers guide to the West trail – linked to the Rubbings trail, this gives some ideas of further questions to explore with an accompanying photographic resource booklet
  • 20 x blindfolds (for sensory exploration)
  • 40 x pencils
  • 40 x sticky maps
  • 40 x pieces of card for sketching
  • 20 x crayons
  • 20 Rubbings trails booklets with rubbing sheets

It would be great to know when and how you used the resources, and so any feedback, as well as photographs of activities, would be gratefully received. If you would like to borrow resources from a different location, or if you have ideas about other items that could go in this rucksack, do get in touch. Please email: [email protected]