Our Donors

Without the gifts of hundreds of individuals, families, groups, businesses, Trusts and Foundations we wouldn't be able to carry out this important work on the Coast Path. 

Thank you!


Ray Adams

Paul Ashdown

Paul and Chloe Banks

Richard Keith Bennett

Roger Berkeley

Torunn Bjøreid

Helen Brazier

Nigel Broad

Peter Brown

John Burns

Michael Cahill

Allan Clayton

Amanda Cooke

Helen Croly

Mark and Liz Davy

Carolyn Findell

John Foster

Keith and Judy Frey

Hilary Gale

John Gosnell

Peter Govier

Duncan Greenwood

Colin Gunney

Ed Haddon

Dave Harrison

Justin Harrison

Christopher Hatton

Helen Hearth

David Hodge

Violet Howley

Peter James

Sue Jeffreys

Chris John

Rob Johnson

Elizabeth Joyce

Paul Kurowski

Helen Lovatt

Paul Martin

Peter Martin

Lord and Lady May

John Mills

Sheila Needham

Philip and Christine Newnham

Gabriele Nottbrock

Christopher and Margaret Panayi

Barbara Parkin

Barry Parkinson

Vera Rischer

Shirley Roberts

David Robertson

Ray Robinson

Jennifer Rowlandson

Daniel Scions

Peter Sedgwick

Diana Sheard

Daniel Simon

Erica Simpson

Robert Skinner

Alan Smith

David Smith

Vickie Smith

Hazel Smyth and Penelope Nice

Emily Stokes

Helen Tuffin

David Tyrrell

Rosalind Ulrich

Martin Walker

David Watts

Simon Wheatley

Geoff E Wilkes

Paul Williams

Jenny and Richard Windsor

Different Travel

Dorset Coastal Cottages


Sunday Afternoon Hats

Totnes Ramblers in memory of Edward Franklin

Later in 2018

Patricia Woodmansey

Steve & Lisa Wood

Tamsin Clarke

Margaret Fingerhut

Anne Stoneman

Julie McDonald

Susanne Karlsson

Peta Herne

Rita Davies

Mary Pritchard

Tom Lorenc

Neil Avery


Adrian Thatcher

Alan Coles

Alan Smith

Alison Monger

andrew ball

Anne Hodgetts

Anthony Holmes

Carolyn Findell

Carolyn Shipton

Carsta Connelly

Charles Jenkins

Chris Buckland

Christian Singler

Christopher Panayi

Daniel Scoins

Dave Harrison

David Hodge

David Hull

David and Jill Robertson

David Tyrrell

Debbie Kempster

Diana Cope

Diana Sheard

Doreen Hunt

Dorothy Smith

Duncan Greenwood

Elizabeth Wardle

Graham & Gillian Fowler

Helen Tuffin

Hilary Bick

Ilse Kessemeier

Jacqui Thomasen

James Windle

Jennifer Baddeley

Jerry Gambs

John Burns

John Foster

John Kelting

John Mills

John O'Loghlen

John Rose

John Stanlake

Jonathan Jones

Justin Harrison

Kim Robbins-Hallam

Lee Smith

Lindsey Wainwright

Lorna Yusuf

Margaret Wyatt

Michael Benison

Michael Cahill

Michael Fereday

Michael Pleass

Michael Pugh

Nicholas Bennett

The Norman Family Charitable Trust

Nicola Richards

Nigel Wheatley

Nik Barnes

Peta Herne

Patrick Wyatt

Pauline Clare

Peter Cook

Peter Govier

Peter James

Phil Bailey

Raymond Hopkins

Richard Keith Bennett

Rita Davies

Roger Dagley

Rosemary Bramah

Rosemary Henley

Ruth Counsel

Shona Bristow

Sven Williamson

Thomas Jackson

Timothy Woodward

Ulrike Seck

Vera Rischer

Violet Howley

The Step Up appeal has successfully raised over £23,000 since 2018 to help us and our partners replace 2300 wooden steps along the Coast Path. For every £10 gifted by our supporters we have been able to buy the materials needed by rangers on ground to install these steps. 

We have only been able to achieve this appeal target with the generosity of our supporters. 

For every founding donor that contributed to this appeal 2018 we created a 'Thank You' book to list their names in recognise of their support. These supporters are also able to add their memories and stories of the Coast Path and to tell us why they are helping us to protect the trail in this way. 

Click on the cover to see the whole book