Why does your contribution matter?

Each step that is replaced will be made of long-lasting local oak or sweet chestnut and cut to six inch high step boards.  

Using hardwood materials means they will last longer, reduce the need for preservation treatments and improves the overall quality of the Path.  

These new steps will ease your climbs and descents along the Path, helping you to enjoy your experience more.  

We can only achieve the appeal target of £10,000* by the end of June, with your help. 

£10 could replace one step       £50 could replace five steps 

£100 could replace 10 steps     £250 could replace 25 steps 

                 £500 could replace 50 steps 

As a ‘thank you’ 

For any donation over £10 your name will appear on our appeal supporters list on line 

For any donation over £100 you can choose to receive a wooden pen made out of a ‘retired’ Coast Path finger post  

For the first three donations of over £500 to the appeal we will engrave your name onto one step

We exist to make sure the South West Coast Path continues to be one of the best walks in the world to give everyone the opportunity to improve our health in the great outdoors.  

Step up and make a difference – any amount large or small could go towards replacing steps. 

If you want to help to donate towards step replacements please donate today. 


*When we have raised more than £10,000 in donations through this appeal any additional funding will be allocated to future step replacement works.