Celebrate your giving with a certificate

Perhaps you’d like to club together, as a family, group of friends or work colleagues, and help to buy a way marker (£150) or finger post (£250).

Maybe celebrate your own or someone else's completion of the Path.

Mark a special Birthday, an Anniversary or give in memory of someone who loved the Path. We can create special certificates to thank you - for any gifts over £50 that are given to this appeal. 

If you would like a certificate please email [email protected] once you've made your donation and include the name / group you'd like, amount of donation and address to send the certificate too. If it is for a memorial please indicate this and we shall amend the wording accordingly.

All data will be managed in line with our privacy policy.  

If you'd rather call us to give a donation or discuss this appeal further please call the team on 01752 896 237.