Latest news on path diversions

Article updated  January 14th 2014

As you may have heard on the news, during the winter of 2012-13, there were an unprecedented number of cliff falls that affected the SW Coast Path, caused by last year's record breaking rainfall. The vast majority of these have been largely resolved with only short diversions, but a few longer diversions remain.

Below is the list of cliff falls, landslips and other flood damage that have impacted on the path since December 2012 when the spate of cliff falls started.  For route changes that preceded this please also  see our route changes page.

The recent cliff falls that have affected the path are shown below in path order (click on the links for  maps and more details): Diversions referred to as 'short' are less than ¼ mile longer than the original route. As you can see from the list below, thanks to the help of landowners and the work of rangers and wardens who look after the path, in most instances the path has been reopened with only minor diversions. 

Work is ongoing to re-open the remaining diverted sections, as soon as we can reach agreement with landowners, secure funding, and undertake the path construction. Work is also needed over the next year to bring the new routes up to the standard of the rest of the path.

Published on: Sept. 11, 2013