New Coast Path record set

New Zealander Mal Law has just finished what we think is the fastest ever completion of the entire Coast Path - 16 days, 9 hours and 57 minutes.

He set off from Minehead on the the 17th June, with fellow long distance runner Tom Bland (a former Great Britain triathlon representative), with the aim of completing the path in just 14 days - an average of around 45 miles a day.

Despite some rough weather, and the tough terrain of the Exmoor & North Cornwall coast they were pretty much on track through to Penzance, which they reached in under 7 days. This alone is an awesome feat, covering 273 miles and over 56,000 feet of ascent and descent in under a week. However by then the miles started to take a toll on their bodies, and by Falmouth, Tom was advised by medics to call it a day or risk permanent injury.

Mal continued on, and despite also suffering from leg and foot problems and the wettest June on record made it through to reach the end of the path at Poole Harbour on the 3rd July.

Despite the hardship, Mal enjoyed both the challenge and the stunning scenery along the route. Speaking of his record time he said, "Would be great to see others chase down that target and beat it. I believe a strong, experienced runner with top notch planning, logistics & support can still do this in 14 days."

When Tom recovers he plans to get back out on the path to run those sections he had to miss.

Between them they have raised thousands of pounds to help Mind and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand continue their vital work with the 1 in 4 people who experience mental health problems.

You can find out more about their run by visiting, where you can find links to the Facebook and Twitter pages for the challenge, and ways to donate.


Published on: July 4, 2012