Make us your 2019 Charity of the Year!

The South West Coast Path Association would love to become your organisation’s Charity of the Year in 2019. We know that many businesses are in planning mode for the year ahead, so if you are considering which local charity you would like to fundraise for, please do think of us!

Read on to find out what having a Charity of the Year is all about.

What is a Charity of the Year?

This is the charity you choose to support in whichever ways you can, throughout a given year. Businesses large and small across the UK pick one cause which is close to the hearts of their staff and customers, to unite behind every year.

Why have a Charity of the Year?

Having a specific Charity of the Year gives focus to your fundraising efforts for those 12 months. By raising small amounts throughout the year, a significant total can be reached without much trouble – meaning you make a greater impact on the work of the charity that you care about. Supporting a Charity of the Year can also:

  • help motivate your staff, especially if you have a team fundraising day where you work together to achieve a fundraising target, no matter how big or small.
  • give you great PR opportunities – local press always love a good fundraising story
  • inspire and impress your customers – asking them to help you reach your fundraising target provides a great talking point, shows that you are a business with a conscious and therefore gives you an edge over your competitors.

How can you support your Charity of the Year?

There are so many ways to fundraise at work, here are some ideas to start you off:

  • Staff fundraising: it’s called ‘fun’-draising for a reason: think bake off, sponsored walk, dress up or switching job roles for a day!
  • Till-point collection tins: if you run a pub, B&B or shop this is perfect – make sure you put up a poster or two explaining why your charity is so special to you.
  • Product fundraising: choose something you sell to become your ‘charity product’, for example a certain dish on a menu or a service you offer, then donate £1 per purchase of that item.

Why choose the Association as your Charity of the Year?

The beauty of the trail speaks for itself, but here are our top four reasons for supporting the Association in 2019:

1)      The Path improves lives by providing essential, free access to nature and the sea. We hear from people every week who tell us that they depend on the peace and freedom of the trail for managing their mental health, recovering from addiction, rehabilitation after serious injury and many other issues. Read more about who benefits from the Path here.

2)      We are the local charity of the entire region. We fund projects all the way along the 630-mile trail – protecting and championing the South West Coast Path in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

3)      The Path gives back to local business. 9 million people from near and far flock to the South West Coast Path each year. These visitors contribute £500 million to the region’s economy ever year.

4)      Last, but not least – if you choose the Association as your Charity of the Year we will support you with your fundraising and celebrate your support on social media!

Sunday Afternoons UK were one of the amazing companies that made us their Charity of the Year in 2018, here is why they chose us in their own words:

"We not only produce an awesome range of hats for lovers of the outdoors, we also have a strong ethos of 'giving back'. We are incredibly lucky to have our office located only metres away from the stretch of path at Budleigh Salterton, and we take every single available opportunity to spend time enjoying everything that it has to offer! We would like to thank everyone at the Association for their hard work, we are absolutely delighted to be partnering with such a worthwhile cause that benefits so many people.”

Want to find out more about making the South West Coast Path Association your Charity of the Year? Contact our Fundraising Manager, Genevieve at [email protected], she will be delighted to hear from you!


Published on: Jan. 9, 2019